Our Services allow homeowners with multiple properties to enjoy their homes without concerns by regular upkeep and tasks, I provide everything needed to maintain properties. Ensure all maintenance is taking care of including cleaning, landscaping, pool, and appliances, A/C. Staging property for potential buyers.
As the owners representative I will be manage day-to-day operations of project. Will be advising and represent the owner from the earliest stages of project, from conceptual design, through the final design

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Supervising Construction Company in final stages of project. Ensuring completion of project in a timely manner. Working together with all sub-contractors and vendors to finalize punch lists. Planning, procurement, installation and delivery of furnishings/appliances for entire home.
Event Planning, Food shopping, lifestyle management, Private Chef, Cars, Yachts and jets. Anything Casa Services can provide for our clients we do, no matter how big or small the task.

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Casa Services provides all that you will need, we do so effectively and with pleasure. Because we simply love what we do!

Over 10+ years experience in the luxury home industry, Casa Services has a proven track record in providing 5* services to our clients.
From General Contractors to Housekeepers, Casa Services has a team of professional individuals who take pride in their work no matter how big or small.
Honest & Dependable
Our number 1 goal is to be the key people homeowners feel confident in calling for any situation.
Casa Services prides itself in begin honest and hardworking saving our clients time and money.
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July 19, 2016

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